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Gerald and Gen grew up in a culture of food, and as kids, reached into the fridge for snack fixings that included marinated fresh vegetables, cured fish, steamed rice buns, and Dragon fruit. It sparked a sublime interest in food and nutrition that will become a lasting passion for both.

Gerald Fantone comes from a long line of avid home cooks and started gutting fish at age five. He is a contributing chef at the Social Palette food start-up and a job coach for Common Ground Co-op, where he manages a café and catering service operated by individuals with special needs. His approach highlights classic Asian flavours and techniques fused with those he’s adopted from his travels abroad and cooking through Jamie Oliver and Martha Stewart cookbooks.

Genevieve Kang is a holistic nutritionist and recipe developer, who is passionate about bringing people together through mindful nourishment and empowering them to reconnect with their food through sustainable practices — a conscious whole foods lifestyle with simple, delicious, and nutrient-dense sustenance. She is also the Managing Nutritionist at Village Juicery’s uptown location, where she educates clients everyday about holistic health and wellness, as well as designs plant-based recipes for the company’s growing menu. 

We pride ourselves on sharing a menu that is nutrient-dense and naturally free of gluten, dairy, and nuts.

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