Store-brought hemp milks can often fall flat in flavour and even taste a little grassy. However, homemade hemp milk is fresh, delicious, creamy, and super easy to make. 

Of course, this recipe is not only simple and delicious, but it's also incredibly nutritious. Hemp seeds are a superfood, high in protein, full of healthy plant-based fats, and rich in antioxidants, live enzymes, and natural chlorophyll.

They are best know for their 3:1 balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Hemp seeds also contain gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), the rare omega-6 that has been shown to help with cardiovascular health, inflammation, balancing hormones, and skin and hair health.

In addition, hemp seeds are a super source of protein, boasting 10g per 3 tablespoon serving. Hemp contains all 10 essential amino acids, which are the proteins that cannot be made by the body but must be obtained from foods.

Hemp is also a great source of fibre, with 3g per serving, and is also rich in valuable minerals, such as iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. 

For anyone with allergies to dairy, soy, and even nut milks, hemp milk is a great alternative. Making your own hemp milk is also really fantastic, because you can avoid any additives or preservatives that are contained in commercial brands. With this fresh and healthy, cost-effective solution for a non-dairy milk that you can make at home, you'll never consider drinking store-bought hemp milk again.

For this recipe, I added fresh strawberries, which add another complexity of flavours.

Though fresh strawberries are preferred, you could also substitute frozen fruit.



4 c. filtered water
1 c. raw shelled hemp seeds
2 c. fresh strawberries, chopped
1 tsp. vanilla extract
pinch of sea salt
maple syrup, to taste (optional)



1. In a high-powered blender, combine the water, hemp seeds, and strawberries, until the seeds and berries are completely pulverized.

2. To strain, place a nut milk bag or several layers of cheesecloth over the opening of a large bowl or jug. Pour the milk into the bag or over the cheesecloth. Twist the bag or cheesecloth closed, and gently squeeze to help the liquid pass through.

3. Rinse the blender container, and pour the strained liquid back in the container. Add the vanilla, sea salt, and maple syrup if you wish, and then blend again until creamy and smooth.

4. Store the milk in a large sealed mason jar. Hemp milk will keep in the fridge for about 3 days.

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