KIKAN (PRO. Key-con) 

japanese kikan: engine, instrument, mechanism, backbone, nucleus. 

it's an operating system and a foundation for exploration and growth.

Each letter of KIKAN represents a member of my family, without whom I would not be the woman I am today. 

The philosophy of KIKAN BLVD. is rooted in the concept of origin and the idea that we already have all we need in order to live, grow, and flourish. We have the tools within us to sustain an elevated state of well-being and to thrive; we simply need to nurture a deeper understanding of self.

When we are self-aware, and listening to the signs offered by our bodies, we are able to provide our selves with the essentials to create a fundamentally strong physical and mental foundation. We give ourselves the best opportunity for great health and the ability to thrive. 

Through nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices, my intention is to hold space and offer guidance for the curious and confused, the open-hearted, the mentally-flexible, and for those seeking greater harmony within their bodies.

My goal is to empower you to make independent, strong, and educated choices by providing you with the appropriate tools, skills, and confidence to navigate information as it pertains to your health. Let's rebalance together.

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