Work with me.


Your body is a unique and remarkable machine that is constantly striving to find harmony and provide you with all of the answers you just need to get quiet and listen.


culinary nutritionist

Developing whole food recipes using local, organic, and nutrient-dense ingredients.

I'm available for cooking and recipe collaborations, as well as recipe design, whether it is for a product, menu, or special events. I've developed recipes for clients ranging from individuals structuring their meal preparation to large scale production with local brands, including Station Cold Brew and Village Juicery.




Together, we'll determine a lifestyle for optimal health and wellness, designed specifically for you.

I work one on one with clients to determine the root cause of your health concerns and help you regain harmony within your body by focusing on digestive and hormonal health, as well as lifestyle recommendations, and the physical aspects of holistic wellness.



Educational workshops on holistic health, nutrition, mindfulness, and lifestyle.

Workshop topics include:

  • Mindfulness + mindful eating
  • Women's health + female empowerment
  • Superfood elixirs + tonics
  • Holistic beauty, from the inside out
  • Sleep/stress management
  • Food + recipe demos


Bringing people together through mindful nourishment, with fully curated menus.

Through pop-up dinner events, it's my mission to bring people together to reconnect with their food and with each other. Mindful eating begins with us. Check out photos from my Sol Sistere dinner, and stay tuned for more details about my next event.