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When in doubt, this local, non-toxic skincare line. I've known about GRAYDON Plant Powered Skincare for some time, but only tried her products last winter, when I was left with seasonally dry skin and the need for a nourishing face cream. Not only are these products super super low toxicity (so I can feel great about putting them on my skin), they work so damn well

The magical uses of plants not unfamiliar to you (but really: common plants + their fantastic uses!).

Speaking of plants, I've been looking for a few new leafy friends to fill some empty pots. Recommendations from y'all about where in Toronto to find good quality greenery? Craigslist, Dynasty, and The Organic Press. Thanks!

And, thank you to my dear friend Marie of Schopiana Wellness for introducing me to The Book of Life, full of so many delicious reads (I know what I'm doing this holiday season).

And in other new reads, just snagged a copy of this and I can't wait to dive in over the coming weeks, all about reprogramming and recreating, maybe some manifesting, too. Anyone read it?

Inspired by cauliflower lately, like this harissa version, and this general tso's recipe. Which is why I've been experimenting and have my very own cauliflower recipe to share soon.

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