On June 21st, in honour of the summer solstice and of new beginnings, I hosted a mindful eating dinner event: Sol Sistere.

Upon their arrival, guests enjoyed custom-blended iced teas and kombucha cocktails in flavours ranging from elderberry and lavender to licorice root and rose hips. The most popular combination of the evening was my pineapple kombucha with elderberry iced tea.

The dinner was intimate. I hosted and cooked for ten guests in a beautiful hard loft space, located in the heart of Corktown. Together, guests enjoyed a 4-course meal of delicious, nourishing food, which I carefully curated and crafted using 100% organic ingredients. The recipes were all seasonally inspired, and both naturally gluten- and dairy-free.

There was the very popular lemon asparagus gazpacho, served with seed crisps, various spreads, and homemade pickles, my summer beet terrine with cashew ricotta, dukkah chicken schnitzel with carrot puree (and crispy dukkah chickpeas as a plant-based option), and coconut kefir popsicles for dessert. 

Aside from starting anew with the transition from one season to the next, the theme for the evening was community and connection. It was about getting in tune with our bodies, our environment, and our food through sustainable, mindful eating practices. 

I'm passionate about the curiosity and conversation surrounding mindful nourishment: where our food comes from, how it is prepared, and how it can fuel our bodies. My guests proved that they, too, have a desire to learn more about the relationship between their food and their well-being. While they engaged in conversation by asking questions about food sources, preparation techniques, and recipe inspiration, I offered answers, and more importantly, we shared stories.

Sol Sistere was an opportunity to bring people together to reconnect with their food and to reconnect with one another, and we did just that. The event brought together strangers and culminated new friendships and connections. 

It's amazing what can happen when we put away our phones and share a meal together.


Photos by Gerald Fantone

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