Bi-Monthly is a blog series, where I share wellness inspiration to #LiveGrowFlourish; these are the people, places, ideas, conversations, and food that I currently adore. Check back every other Friday for a new collection of favourites and must-sees. 

For Plastic Free July, and in continuing to reduce my carbon footprint, I'm trying out the Canadian-made Abeego wrap (and so far, I'm loving it). 

Other favourite products for reducing waste: washable paper + reusable re-zip bags.

The new online, no middleman, direct-to-consumer (no yet available to Canada), Brandless: in an effort to democratize healthy shopping, everything costs just $3 (and many of their products are GMO-free and organic). Though I prefer to purchase food products in person, this is a positive shift towards making healthy pantry staples more accessible for a greater number of consumers.

That being said, always do your research and find out where your products are coming from, whether in-person or online, period.

OMG Yes is educating women about sexual pleasure and though I have yet to purchase a subscription, it's all in due time, not just for my own pleasure wellness, but as research for an upcoming project I'm working on.

Just downloaded the ebook, The Brain That Changes Itself and can't wait to start reading.

Fans of poetess, Rupi Kaur: stay tuned for the launch of her second book

On my television as of late: the Netflix documentary and highly fear-driven film, What the Health. (yes, that's my general opinion of the film)

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