Bi-Monthly is a blog series, where I share wellness inspiration to #LiveGrowFlourish; these are the people, places, ideas, conversations, and food that I currently adore. Check back every other Friday for a new collection of favourites and must-sees.

This on-the-go herbal infusion combines adaptogenic herbs with my favourite masala chai.

Life-changing lip balm. No, seriously. Thank you to my dear friend, fellow nutritionist, and doula Rebecca for this gift. You know those lip balms that leave you constantly using them, because they seem to dry your lips out even more? Not this. I've never had a product (any oil, any butter) leave my lips so deeply nourished + moisturized. 

Zero-waste living inspo from these incredible women: 

Lauren Singer of Package Free Shop
Stevie at Trading Waste for Abundance
Aneta of Rubysunn

In case you still need to know: a guide to CBD.

Currently loving cork lids for Weck jars.

That workshop I mentioned earlier this week, for digging deep: Unblocked Reparent with Lacy Phillips of Free + Native.

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