Bi-Monthly is a blog series, where I share wellness inspiration to #LiveGrowFlourish; these are the people, places, ideas, conversations, and food that I currently adore. Check back every other Friday for a new collection of favourites and must-sees.

These handmade yoga props + accessories that I keep coming back to (locally made, too!).

My tea of the moment, for immune strengthening and seasonal allergies.

The dreaminess of this cookbook, inspired by Ayurveda.

Canada's response to a creamy, delicious coconut yogurt with zero fillers or preservatives — at this shop in Vancouver, you can buy it in bulk!

Do you know what poisons you're putting in your body? This NY Times article reviews everything from furniture to personal care products.

This wellness mag, all about that slow, conscious living.

Places I'd like to stay.

Curious about these micro green beds for growing your own — anyone try them? Or how about these cool beds for growing your own. #citylife

This next level event I need to get an invite to the next time around.

On slow living + finding your own pace, this blog is a recent discovery and a new favourite.

Speaking of events, check out my upcoming Mindful Nourishment lab series, starting April 29.

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