Bi-Monthly is a blog series, where I share wellness inspiration to #LiveGrowFlourish; these are the people, places, ideas, conversations, and food that I currently adore. Check back every other Friday for a new collection of favourites and must-sees.

Really digging these Canadian + sustainably made, 100% linen overalls.

On a hunt for non-toxic fragrance, came across this chic brand based in LA.

A recent purchase for purifying the apartment air, it's so so improved our environment (I'm actually super impressed!).

Fermented ketchup + umami powder, one of everything please.

Adaptogens are gaining more traction, but they're not for everyone or every body.

Bathing suit shopping has me checking out this local, eco-friendly brand.

Friends at TGT also have a round-up of other brands I'll be researching.

More in Ayurveda, another in skincare, longtime follow.

Been trying my hand at making my own coconut yogurt (many flops, a few successes). Think I'm gonna have to give this mango version a go.